Be A Good Neighbour

Be A Good Neighbour
  • Fireworks are not permitted or be in your possession on City property
  • Depending on your Municipality, fireworks are permitted dusk to 11pm
  • Communicate with your neighbours when you are shooting fireworks
  • Inform the neighbours of the date and time you plan on discharging the fireworks
  • Invite your neighbours to watch the fireworks display
  • It would be helpful to be respectful of neighbours who have pets that should be kept indoors or anyone sensitive to noise
  • Be prepared for the weather so that it’s not too windy or wet
  • Determine a setup location that is the maximum distance away from the audience and neighbouring audiences (everyone loves watching a fireworks show!)
  • Be prepared. Have your equipment; safety goggles, torch or flare, a source of water and READ the safety instructions on each firework
  • Wait 30 minutes until after the show to begin clean up. That allows time for the last flame to extinguish
  • Read your by-law. If you have questions, call them
  • Be safe and respectable of all fireworks
  • For more information you can visit the Canadian National Fireworks Association’s website.