Meet Lori

Lori Ward - Owner Fireworks SuperstorePhoto Credit: Dan Sutton Photography

Born and raised in Saskatoon, SK, in 1989 I ventured to Toronto for the Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels” tour and never looked back. Mississauga became my home and in 2003, Fireworks Superstore Inc. was incorporated.

My belief is that fireworks should be safe, fun, & accessible and my goal is to get people interested and excited about fireworks. I am constantly surprised how many fireworks enthusiasts are out there and I ensure every customer walking out of my store is confident and excited about their purchase.

Product testing is so much fun!! I am grateful for our customers’ honesty and continued support. Because of everyone, I can continue to develop a superior product line. I love it when I hear OMG that was insane!!

Winning MPP Dipika Damerla’s, “Jewels of Mississauga East for Best Cultural Business”, I continue to advocate for fireworks and work together with government officials to successfully amend bylaws to make fireworks more accessible to all cultures allowing them to celebrate their traditions.

Being able to connect with customers year after year is the BEST part of my job. To be part of their celebrations is awesome. Gender reveals are HUGE today; PINK or BLUE? When I am handed the ultrasound envelope and see the word girl or boy, I am covered in goose bumps as I know the sex of their baby before the parents. What an honour!!

Favourite fireworks; ALL OF THEM!